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Idol Stevens
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Wrestler Facts

Wrestler Name: Idol Stevens
Hometown: Detroit, Michigan
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 237lb
Finishers: The Downer, Idolizer
Previous Gimmicks: Aaron Idol, The Easter Bunny

Title History (3)

14/Mar/2007:OVW Heavyweight Champion -
04/Jan/2006:OVW Television Champion -
10/Oct/2003:OVW Southern Tag Team Champion -

Biography/Additional Facts

Real name: Aaron Haddad

Haddad had several try out matches on HEAT, and the WWE was impressed with his performance so they offered him a contract, which he signed.

He trained in OVW & went on to win the OVW Television Championship, as well as the OVW Southern Tag Team Championship alongside tag partner Nova (Simon Dean).

He made his Smackdown! debut with KC James as a tag team managed by Michelle McCool. She referred to them as her "teachers pets". They feuded with then WWE Tag Team Champions Brian Kendrick & Paul London for a few weeks, but then the tag team was dropped from television after McCool suffered a injury.

He went back to OVW after being removed from the Smackdown! roster, and here he won the OVW Heavyweight Championship from Paul Burchill on March 14, 2007. He went on to lose the title back to Burchill, and was released on August 6.

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