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Guy Mitchell
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Wrestler Facts

Wrestler Name: Guy Mitchell
Hometown: Hamilton, Ontario
Finishers: The Sleeper
Previous Gimmicks: "Gentleman" Jerry Valiant (WWWF), The Destroyer (Australia)

Title History (2)

01/May/1976:WWA World Heavyweight (Indianapolis) Champion -
[3 Times]:NWA Canadian Tag Team (Vancouver) Champion

Biography/Additional Facts

-Guy Mitchell was unmasked in Australia as "The Destroyer" and they said that his name was "John Hill"..
-Several years later, he retured to Australia as "The Stomper" Guy Mitchell without any explanation..
-Guy Mitchell formed a tag team with Joe Tomasso known as The Assassins (different from originals) in Dick The Bruiser's WWA..
-Also in the WWA, Guy Mitchell wrestled as "Jerry Heenan" the brother tag team partner of a rookie named Bobby Heenan..
-July 1971: The Sheik defeated The Assassin (Guy Mitchell) in a Death Match in Toronto's Maple Leaf Gardens..
-1978: Guy Mitchell debuted on the WWWF as "Jerry Valiant", replacing Jimmy in the Valiant Brothers - teaming with Johnny..
-May 2005: John Hill attended a "Valiant Brother Reunion" along with his "brothers" Jimmy & Johnny for the first time in 25 years!

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