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Killer Kowalski
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Wrestler Facts

Wrestler Name: Killer Kowalski
Real Name: Wladek Kowalski
Birthday: 13th October 1926
Hometown: Malden, Massachusetts
Height: 6'7''
Weight: 290lb
Finishers: The Claw, Diving Knee Drop
Previous Gimmicks: The Masked Executioner, The Masked Destroyer, Executioner 1

Title History (4)

11/May/1976:WWE World Tag Team Champion -
03/Nov/1965:NWA United States Heavyweight (Hawaii) Champion -
[2 Times]:NWA Canadian Heavyweight (Calgary) Champion
25/Jan/1951:NWA Central States Heavyweight Champion -

Biography/Additional Facts

He is a 1 time NWA Calgary Canadian Champion and has won many other championships.

Kowalski is also famous for training many new professional wrestlers; his school operates to the present day. Among the alumni of this school are Perry Saturn, John Kronus, Triple H, Chyna, and Big John Studd. Kowalski has also trained Damien Kane, Chris Nowinski, A-Train, April Hunter, Frankie Kazarian, Nikki Roxx, and Kenny Dykstra.

He is a member of the Wrestling Hall of Fame, and on June 14, 2007, Kowalski was inducted into The National Polish-American Sports Hall of Fame.

Executioner 1 was a gimmick used by the legendary canadian wrestler Killer Kowalski in the WWWF in the mid 1970's winning the Tag Team titles with the promotion.

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