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Buck Zumhofe
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Wrestler Facts

Wrestler Name: Buck Zumhofe
Birthday: 21st March 1951
Hometown: Hamburg, Minnesota
Height: 5'11''
Weight: 220lb
Finishers: Second Rope Swing Splash
Previous Gimmicks: Buck "Rock n' Roll" Zumhofe

Title History (1)

[3 Times]:AWA World Light Heavyweight Champion

Biography/Additional Facts

Real Name: Eugene ZumHofe


Along with his trademark boombox, Buck "Rock n' Roll" Zumhofe would go on to become one of the top lightheavyweight competitors in the AWA in the early and mid 1980's. He would feud primarily with Steve Regal over the title during that time. He also wrestled in World Class Championship Wrestling (where, in a storyline, his boombox was destroyed but later replaced by his fans).

Zumhofe would then wrestle in the WWF on and off for a couple of years with little success. He was used primarily as a jobber, appearing on TV broadcasts to put over some of the top WWF stars. In fact, he likes to boast that he was the first ever wrestler to be put in a body bag by the Undertaker.

He would return to the AWA in 1990. An attempt was made to revive the Lightheavyweight Title and Zumhofe was set to face Jonnie Stewart in a match to determine the new champion. Days before the main event match, at the Rochester Civic Center Verne Gagne was told that Stewart had plans to go back and play college football. An enraged Gagne jobbed Stewart and gave the title to Zumhofe. The AWA became inactive shortly thereafter.

Zumhofe continued to wrestle and promote primarily in the Minnesota area in the 1990s.

Buck is probably best known for being the first World Wrestling Federation opponent of Triple H.

Buck was sent to prison in 1986. Buck was living in Willmar, Minnesota and employed at Jennie-O Foods around 2000.

His Rock & Roll Wrestling promotion, which includes "Big Rig" Chuck, "Bad Boy" Brian, "The Mini Patriot" Chad Strong, "Miss Sturgis" Dusty, and "The Virgin Louisa Liece" Heather, is still active as of February 15, 2007, when the above crew put on a show at the Eagle Club in Vermillion, South Dakota. Zumhofe actively promotes his shows around the Minnesota-South Dakota area for roughly $800 per show. Buck appeared at The Boars Nest in Allens Grove, Wisconsin on the night of November 10, 2007 with his crew. Buck also recently appeared at the Anne Lake bar in Ogilvie, MN on November 30th, 2007.

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