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Tiger Jeet Singh
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Wrestler Facts

Wrestler Name: Tiger Jeet Singh
Hometown: Punjab, India
Height: 6'3''
Weight: 265lb
Finishers: Tiger Claw (Clawhold with bodyscissors), Camel clutch

Title History (3)

01/Aug/1992:FMW Brass Knuckles Heavyweight Champion -
08/Sep/1975:NWA Canadian Tag Team (Vancouver) Champion -
11/Jun/1967:NWA United States Heavyweight (Toronto) Champion -

Biography/Additional Facts

Jagjit Singh Hans (born 1944 in Ludhiana, Punjab, India) is a semi-retired professional wrestler, known better by his ring name Tiger Jeet Singh. He wrestled as a crazed heel, coming to the ring with a sword in his mouth (and using it to taunt fans and attack wrestlers). Singh has become the most successful Indian pro wrestler in history.

Tiger Jeet Singh wrestled (mostly as a freelancer) in Japan for 22 years, the longest of any gaijin (foreigner). He was the first pro wrestler in Japan to defeat sumo wrestler Wajima. He is very popular in Japan; he explains, ?If I slap some Japanese lady or man, they won?t wash themselves for weeks. Because they?ll say, ?Tiger slapped me there.? This is the respect they have for me."

Singh is also the father of former WWF wrestler Tiger Ali Singh. He now spends his time doing charitable works in both Canada and India, wrestling on occasion, and is trying to start up his own Indian based promotion World Wrestling Mania.

Tiger is a prominent member of Metro Toronto's Sikh community, and spends three months a year fighting in Asia.

Currently, he is wrestling in HUSTLE where he remains wildly feared. The start of his entrance has fans running in terror of being attacked.

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