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Mongolian Stomper
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Wrestler Facts

Wrestler Name: Mongolian Stomper
Hometown: Knoxville, Tennessee
Height: 6'1''
Weight: 260lb
Previous Gimmicks: Archie Gouldie, The Stomper

Title History (3)

30/Sep/1985:AWA International Heavyweight Champion -
[2 Times]:NWA Central States Heavyweight Champion
[3 Times]:NWA United States Heavyweight (Central States) Champion

Biography/Additional Facts

Real Name: Archie Gouldie


The Mongolian Stomper wrestled primarily in Southeast Championship Wrestling and in Stampede Wrestling in his career. His career began in the early 1960's and continued well into the 1990's, where he would often ride to wrestling shows on bicycle. Gouldie rarely spoke when using the Mongolian Stomper gimmick in other promotions, often relying on managers such as Ron Wright and John Foley to speak for him on promos; when he competed in Stampede, however, Gouldie cut surprisingly articulate, and often intense, promos. The Stomper preferred to do his talking in the ring. Gouldie was also at one time a member of the Saskatchewan Roughriders football team in the CFL. He currently works works for the Sherrif's Department in a prison outside of Knoxville, Tennessee.

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