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Big Dick Dudley
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Wrestler Facts

Wrestler Name: Big Dick Dudley
Birthday: 12th January 1968
Hometown: Suffolk, New Jersey
Height: 6'3''
Weight: 285lb
Finishers: Big Dick Driver (Backbreaker rack dropped into a neckbreaker), Total Penetration (Choke driver)
Previous Gimmicks: Alexander the Great (ICW)

Title History (1)

18/Dec/1999:XPW World Heavyweight Champion -

Biography/Additional Facts

Alex Rizzo grew up idolizing many different wrestlers in the 1980s, from Hulk Hogan to Andre the Giant. As he grew larger himself, Rizzo decided to go into the craft, going to train with Johnny Rodz in 1986. Creating the character of Alexander the Great, Rizzo tried out the independent scene for a few years, drifting through federations like the WXW. While being a monster wrestler with a great physique, Rizzo rarely became the star attraction. Still, he continued honing his skills, until coming to a Philadelphia-based organization, Eastern Championship Wrestling, in 1994. He entered just as the federation began to take off, breaking away from its NWA ties and becoming Extreme. This allowed Rizzo a chance to shine, and he took it, transforming into Big Dick Dudley, the man from Dudleyville.

With his partner, Dudley Dudley, the "brothers" became a strong group in ECW, with their strong-arm antics. Big Dick became known for his powerhouse finisher, the Total Penetration, a double arm chokeslam into a tigerbomb, as well as his dangerous habit of attacking fans at ringside. Soon, the Dudley Family grew, including Bubba Ray, D-Von, Snot, Spike, Psycho Sam & Dances With Dudley, creating a very dangerous family. Big Dick, being the eldest as well as the largest, formed the heart of the group, planning out attacks and what not. He also had to deal with brotherly problems, including feuds with D-Von and Spike.

Although Big Dick was the leader of the family, he rarely was given title shots, instead content to sit back and direct his brothers in their quests for gold. His aid to Bubba Ray and D-Von basically helped create the great tag-team that was the Dudley Boyz, and his assistance made Spike a household name. Some would say that Big Dick's biggest accomplishment was meeting and marrying Elektra, a female wrestler with ECW. Their marriage didn't last, leaving Big Dick single once again. Big Dick's highest point as far as popularity was concerned, came in 1998, when he teamed frequently with the Tag Team Championship Dudley Boyz against many foes. He also carried on almost a year-long feud with Spike Dudley, the biggest brother against the smallest, with the fans firmly on the side of the underdog. In 1999, though, Big Dick's time with ECW ended, as he left the company.

Big Dick would spend time in many different organizations over the next couple of years. He helped found the semi-popular XPW, known, like ECW, for its hardcore antics. At one point, Big Dick took home the XPW World Heavyweight Championship, a major accomplishment for the big man. He would go on to earn belts in the NWA Jersey faction and the USPW federation. But things soon began to go downhill for the senior member of the Dudleyz. In only two years, Big Dick was involved in four auto accidents, including a serious motorcycle crash that left him with a broken neck. This kept Big Dick on the sidelines of wrestling for over a year, while his fellow Dudleys went on to bigger organizations. There was some speculation that Big Dick, once he healed up, would soon join his "family" together for another Dudleyville run in the World Wrestling Federation.

On May 16th, 2002, Rizzo was found dead in his apartment. It has been speculated, though not confirmed, that Rizzo died of kidney failure due to a small dependency on pain killers from his injuries.

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