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Wrestler Facts

Wrestler Name: Averno
Birthday: 9th March 1977
Hometown: Ciudad de Mexico
Height: 5'9''
Weight: 170lb
Finishers: Devils Wings (Spinning sitout double underhook facebuster), No handed Suicide Dive
Previous Gimmicks: Rencor Latino

Title History (3)

17/Sep/2006:CMLL World Middleweight Champion -
[2 Times]:CMLL World Tag Team Champion
[2 Times]:NWA World Middleweight Champion

Biography/Additional Facts

Debuting in 1995 for the CMLL promotion in Mexico under the Rencor Latino gimmick where he mostly worked the midcard/undercard.

In 2001 he adopted his Averno gimmick after another wrestler Satanico supposdly turned him into one of his disciples thus Averno was born.

He has won many titles in the CMLL promotion such as the tag team titles with his partner Mephisto and the world middleweight championship which he has held since September 2006.

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