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Ray Steele
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Wrestler Facts

Wrestler Name: Ray Steele
Hometown: Norka, Russia
Height: 6'0''
Weight: 210lb

Title History (2)

24/Mar/1947:NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion -
05/Feb/1937:MWA World Heavyweight Champion -

Biography/Additional Facts

Real Name: Pete Sauer

Sauer wrestled with a catch wrestling style in his early career, and gained some notoriety in 1936. He faced heavyweight boxing contender Kingfish Levinsky in a mixed match, which Sauer won in 35 seconds.

On March 7, 1940, Peter defeated Bronko Nagurski for the National Wrestling Association's World Heavyweight Championship in St. Louis, Missouri. He lost it back to it back to Bronko Nagurski on March 11, 1941, 1 year after winning the title.

He passed away of a heart attack in September 1949.

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