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Wrestler Facts

Wrestler Name: Atlantis
Birthday: 28th September 1962
Hometown: Los Altos, Jalisco, Mexico
Height: 5'8''
Weight: 202lb
Finishers: La Atlántida (spinning torture rack variation), Scorpion Deathlock

Title History (4)

[5 Times]:CMLL World Tag Team Champion
22/Jul/2005:NWA World Light Heavyweight Champion -
[2 Times]:CMLL World Light Heavyweight Champion
[3 Times]:NWA World Middleweight Champion

Biography/Additional Facts

After being a career tecnico (face), Atlantis was changed to a rudo (heel) in 2005.

Despite being a rudo, he still considers himself the idol of the kids, and he still has many fans among them.

Atlantis won the NWA Light Heavyweight Championship from Dr. Wagner.

He is a virtual co-leader of GdI and still in a high profile position within the promotion.

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