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Kenny Dykstra
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Wrestler Facts

Wrestler Name: Kenny Dykstra
Real Name: Kenneth George Doane
Birthday: 16th March 1986
Hometown: Worcester, Massachusetts
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 234lb
Finishers: Diving Guillotine Leg Drop, As Ken Doane: RK-Doane, Doane-nation
Previous Gimmicks: "Broadway" Ken Phoenix, El Diablo, Ken Doane, Kenny (Spirit Squad)
Past Allies: Victoria, McMahons, Spirit Squad
Past Feuds: DX, Ric Flair

Title History (2)

03/Apr/2006:WWE World Tag Team Champion - WWE RAW
22/Jun/2005:OVW Television Champion -

Biography/Additional Facts

- On June 4, 2004, Doane signed a WWE development deal and was assigned to Ohio Valley Wrestling.
- Doane won a "Leather Strap" Match over Joey Matthews on November 12, 2004.
- Doane defeated Kenzo Suzuki on June 3, 2005.
- On June 25, 2005, Doane defeated Duece Shade for the OVW Television title.
- Doane debuted on the January 23, 2006 edition of "Raw" as part of the Spirit Squad - along with Nick Nemeth, Johnny Jeter, Mike Mondo and Nick Mitchell.
- On the April 3, 2006 edition of "Raw," Kenny and Mikey defeated The Big Show and Kane for the World Tag Team title in Chicago, IL.
- After the Spirit Squad group was dropped, Kenny became Kenny Dykstra.
- Dykstra was drafted the Smackdown roster during the June 17, 2007 supplemental draft.

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