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Matt Hardy
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Wrestler Facts

Wrestler Name: Matt Hardy
Birthday: 23rd September 1974
Hometown: Cameron, North Carolina
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 234lb
Finishers: Twist Of Fate
Previous Gimmicks: Wolverine, Surge, High Voltage, Wildo Jinx, "The Sensei Of Mattitude", The Angelic Diablo

Title History (10)

07/Sep/2008:ECW World Champion - Unforgiven
27/Apr/2008:WWE United States Champion - Backlash
31/Aug/2007:WWE Tag Team Champion - WWE Smackdown
23/Feb/2003:WWE Cruiserweight Champion - WWE No Way Out
08/Oct/2001:WCW World Tag Team Champion - WWF Raw
24/Apr/2001:WWE European Champion - WWE Smackdown!
[6 Times]:WWE World Tag Team Champion
24/Apr/2000:WWE Hardcore Champion -
24/Jul/1998:OMEGA Tag Team Champion -
05/Dec/1997:OMEGA Heavyweight Champion -

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