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Al Snow
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Wrestler Facts

Wrestler Name: Al Snow
Real Name: Allen R. Sarven
Birthday: 18th July 1963
Hometown: Lima, Ohio
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 234lb
Finishers: Snowplow
Previous Gimmicks: Steve Moore, Avatar, Shinobi, Leif Cassidy, "J.O.B. Squad"
Debut: 2nd May 1982
Trained By: Jim Lancaster

Title History (4)

29/Aug/2000:WWE European Champion - WWE Smackdown!
02/Nov/1999:WWE World Tag Team Champion - WWF Smackdown!
[6 Times]:WWE Hardcore Champion
14/May/1994:BCW Can-Am Tag Team Champion -

Biography/Additional Facts

Al Snow is best known for his time in ECW and WWE.

He started off his career wrestling in NWA sanctioned promotions and debuted in 1982. He wrestled in a tournament for the NWA World Title in 1994 but lost to Chris Candido (the eventual winner).

After a tour of Japan he wrestled a series of matches with Sabu, who suggested that he try out in ECW.

He made his ECW debut on the 4th of February 1994 against Chris Benoit under the nickname "The Snowman". The match is still hailed to this day as one of the best ECW matches ever.

However Snow had split loyalties with ECW and SMW (Smoky Mountain Wrestling). He choose the later, and later teamed with Unabomb (known to this day as WWE's Kane) to win the SMW Tag Titles.

Snow began working for the WWE in 1995, and signed a contract. He wrestled under several gimmicks such as Avatar (a masked wrestler), Shinobi and Steve Moore. He recieved his first mainstream exposure as Leif Cassidy, and teamed with Marty Jannetty. The duo were promoted as "The New Rockers".

Eventually the storyline was dropped, and as part of a cross-promotional talent exchange program, Snow was sent to ECW.

Unlike his previous run, Snow fitted in well with the company (ECW). He took on a "JOB squad" gimmick where he was supposingly driven insane by the amount of times he'd been "jobbed" out in the WWE. He would come to the ring with a mannquin head, which became a common theme for his character. He wrestled once for the ECW Title against Shane Douglas in 1998 but lost.

Soon after, he returned to the WWE retaining the head gimmick. He managed to win the European championship in 2000.

In recent years, Al Snow hasn't been as active with WWE. However, he was involved in the "Tough Enough" TV series and is a trainer at OVW (WWE's training ground).

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