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Yoon Dong Sik
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Wrestler Facts

Wrestler Name: Yoon Dong Sik
Birthday: 24th August 1972
Hometown: South Korea
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 198lb

Title History

Sorry, there is currently no title history available for this wrestler, or this wrestler has not won any titles.

Biography/Additional Facts

Dong Sik Yoon is a hero in South Korea and one of the world's finest judokas. He has been in over 50 international judo competitions and at one time boasted a winning streak of 47 straight victories.

Despite all of his success in judo, Yoon is still known as the "king without a crown" for never having made it to the Olympics. Injuries and other obstacles kept him out of Olympic competition, though he still possesses judo victories over four Olympic gold medallists. In addition, Yoon won a bronze medal in the World Championships and four gold medals in the Asian Championships.

With his judo career behind him, this legendary judoka now looks to put South Korea on the mixed martial arts map! When not in competition, Yoon is an avid fisherman. TOTAL ELIMINATION 2005 is Yoon's MMA and PRIDE debut.

Martial Arts Record:


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