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Chris Candido
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Wrestler Facts

Wrestler Name: Chris Candido
Real Name: Christopher Candito
Birthday: 21st March 1972
Hometown: Spring Lake, New Jersey
Height: 5'8''
Weight: 225lb
Finishers: Blonde Bombshell (Powerbomb from the top rope), New Jersey Jam (Diving leg drop)
Previous Gimmicks: The (Masked) Avenger (USWA), The (Masked) Avenger (USWA), "Hard Knox" Chris Candido, "No Gimmick Necessary"
Trained By: Larry Sharpe
Past Allies: Tom Brandi, Darren Wyse, Flex Lavender
Past Feuds: Lance Storm, Sabu, Shane Douglas, Bobby Blaze
Death Info: April 28, 2005, died from a post-surgery blood clot

Title History (7)

12/Nov/2004:NWA Midwest Heavyweight Champion -
16/Apr/2000:WCW Cruiserweight Champion - WCW Spring Stampede
26/Feb/2000:XPW World Heavyweight Champion -
31/Mar/1996:WWE World Tag Team Champion - WWF WrestleMania XII
19/Nov/1994:NWA World Heavyweight Champion -
[3 Times]:SMW United States Junior Heavyweight Champion
[3 Times]:ECW Tag Team Champion

Biography/Additional Facts

He won a lot of titles on his career, but the most important ones were the 2 ECW Tag Titles reigns he had. One of them with Johnny Hotbody and the other with Lance Storm.

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