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James Storm
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Wrestler Facts

Wrestler Name: James Storm
Birthday: 1st June 1975
Hometown: Leipers Fork, Tennessee
Height: 6'1''
Weight: 245lb
Finishers: Last Call (Superkick), Eye of the Storm

Title History (2)

[3 Times]:TNA World Tag Team Champion
[7 Times]:NWA World Tag Team Champion

Biography/Additional Facts

James Storm was a talented amateur wrestler while in high school, winning a state title.

His professional wrestling career began when he was trained by Slash, a veteran tag wrestler, in 1995. However his training was delayed by a broken shoulder, and he eventually dropped out Slash's training school.

Black toured the south-east independent circuit before being signed to a World Championship Wrestling (WCW) developmental deal in 2000. Black made several appearances for World Championship Wrestling on WCW Worldwide and WCW Saturday Night in 2000 as an enhancement talent. Storm returned to the independent circuit after World Championship Wrestling was sold to the WWF in March 2001.

Storm wrestled his future tag team partner, Chris Harris, on a "Legends Night" show on June 1, 2002. TNA scouts who saw the match, were impressed, and they were both hired to form the tag team America's Most Wanted.

The team became one of the most successful in TNA history, winning the tag titles multiple times.

In 2006, the team broke up after Storm hit Harris over the head with a beer bottle towards the end of the match. Storm then pursued a singles career in TNA, with "The Pride of Tennessee" Jackie Moore by his side.

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