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David Arquette
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Wrestler Facts

Wrestler Name: David Arquette
Birthday: 8th September 1971
Hometown: Winchester, Virginia
Height: 5'10''
Weight: 110lb
Finishers: Spear

Title History (1)

25/Apr/2000:WCW World Heavyweight Champion - WCW Thunder

Biography/Additional Facts

As part of a publicity stunt to advertise the WCW film "Ready to Rumble", David Arquette was involved in several WCW storylines.

He started off by jumping out the crowd and confronting the New Blood, and formed an alliance with Kanyon and DDP.

On April 26th, he was involved in a tag match, teaming up with DDP against Jarrett and Bischoff. Arquette speared Bischoff, and became the new champion(!).

His reign was mostly used for comedic purposes, and gave the belt when he "swerved" DDP in a triple cage and allowed Jarrett to win the belt.

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