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John Tenta
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Wrestler Facts

Wrestler Name: John Tenta
Birthday: 22nd June 1963
Hometown: Surrey, British Columbia
Height: 6'7"
Weight: 462lb
Finishers: Earthquake Squash / Avalanche Splash (Running seated senton), Aftershock (High impact cornered splash)
Previous Gimmicks: Earthquake, Avalanche
Death Info: Passed away June 7, 2006 age 42 due to Bladder Cancer

Title History (3)

20/Jul/1992:WWE World Tag Team Champion -
17/Apr/1992:SWS Tag Team Champion -
28/Nov/1987:NWA Canadian Heavyweight (Vancouver) Champion -

Biography/Additional Facts

Best known for his gimmick Earthquake, under this gimmick he used to tag team with Typhoon in the WWF, known as The Natural Disasters.

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