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Cynthia Lynch
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Wrestler Facts

Wrestler Name: Cynthia Lynch
Birthday: 18th May 1971
Hometown: New York, New York
Height: 5'8''
Weight: 128lb
Finishers: Barroom Stunner, Cameltoe Clutch (Reverse Boston Crab)
Previous Gimmicks: Bobcat, Principal Lazarus (WEW)

Title History (1)

15/May/2000:WWE Hardcore Champion -

Biography/Additional Facts

Real Name: Cynthia 'Bobcat' Lynch

Career Highlights:
(Credit: OWW)

- Cynthia Lynch liked to sing Karaoke with ECW's Sal E Gratziano.

- December 1996: Bobcat made her debut as a wrestling valet.

- February 1998: Bobcat lost her first match Sweet Destiny (Little Jeanne)

- July 24, 1999: Bobcat defeated Kevin Knight to win the NWA New Jersey Junior Heavyweight title.

World Wrestling Federation:
- July 1999: Cynthia "Bobcat" Lynch signed a developmental contract with the World Wrestling Federation...
- October 1999: Bobcat appeared on RAW as one of the 's hos, but was attacked by the giant Viscera..
- Late 1999: Bobcat was assigned to WWE developmental territory "Memphis Championship Wrestling"..
- While training at MCW, Bobcat feuded with The Kat, Jasmin St. Claire, Molly Holly & Victoria..
- May 15, 2000 - RAW: Bobcat "accidentally" defeated Crash Holly to win the WWF Hardcore Title
- The title reign was short as Crash pinned her soon after all due to the infamous 24/7 Rule..
- Bobcat was the first female to hold the WWF Hardcore title -- even while wearing 9 inch platforms!
- December 2000: WWF released Bobcat from her contract when they dropped MCW as a developmental territory

Independent Wrestling:
- Bobcat enjoyed her greatest success in NWA: Wildside (Georgia) as the valet for David Young..
- Summer 2002: Bobcat made several appearances in Jerry Jarrett's NWA: Total Nonstop Action managing David Young..
- April 24, 2004 - NCW: George Frankenstein (Gorgeous George from WCW) defeated Bobcat..
- Bobcat has managed Steve Corino, Rik Ratchet, Pat Kenney, the Inferno Kid, The Godfather, and others...
- July 12, 2007--WEW: Roni Jonah & Principal Lazarus (aka Bobcat) defeated Amy Zidian & Annie Social to win the Tag Titles
-July 12, 2007--Women Extreme Wrestling: Amy Zidian defeated Principal Lazarus (aka Bobcat) w/Roni Jonah....

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