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Jimmy Garvin
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Wrestler Facts

Wrestler Name: Jimmy Garvin
Birthday: 25th September 1952
Hometown: Tampa, Florida
Height: 5'10''
Weight: 235lb
Finishers: Brainbuster, DDT
Previous Gimmicks: "Gorgeous" Jimmy Garvin, Beau James

Title History (2)

24/Feb/1991:WCW World Tag Team Champion - WrestleWar
14/Jun/1989:NWA Tag Team Champion - NWA Clash of the Champions

Biography/Additional Facts

Early Career

Jimmy Garvin began his wrestling career in 1972 as Beau James. He soon took the name "Gorgeous" Jimmy Garvin and was given two "brothers", Terry and Ron Garvin, whom he briefly managed.

He toured the Mid-Southern and Florida territories from 1978 until 1983, when he joined World Class Championship Wrestling. He brought along his cousin Sunshine, who became his valet. As a heel, he started a feud with beloved David Von Erich which he lost and ended up spending a day with Sunshine on David's ranch, doing ranch duties.

He next moved on to feud with Chris Adams and he replaced Sunshine with his wife Patti under the name of Precious. Precious and Sunshine feuded and Jimmy traded the American Title with Adams until 1984, when Garvin left World Class for the American Wrestling Association. Garvin and Adams would revive their feud ten years later in the Global Wrestling Federation, but the promotion went out of business before that angle got off the ground.

In the AWA, he formed a tag team with "Mr. Electricity" Steve Regal (not the British wrestler) and they won the World Tag Team Titles from the Road Warriors with the help of the Fabulous Freebirds.


After losing the titles to Scott Hall and Curt Hennig in 1986 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, he went to the NWA's Jim Crockett Promotions. He feuded with Brad Armstrong and was in the middle of a feud with Magnum T.A. when Magnum had the car wreck that would end his career.

In 1987, Jimmy's "brother" Ron (he is really Jimmy's stepfather), was in a feud with Jim Cornette and his stable. During a match with Cornette's Midnight Express, Cornette threw fire in Ron's face. Several faces came out to help and then Jimmy ran out and took him to the hospital.

Jimmy turned face and helped Ron feud with the Midnight Express. One of the bigger matches during that feud was when the two teams were matched against each other during the 1987 Jim Crockett Memorial Cup tag team tournament. The Midnight Express won by countout to advance.

Later that year, Jimmy had one of the most memorable feuds in his career with Ric Flair, who was eyeing Precious. He sent her gifts and this caused lots of buildup for a big cage match between Flair and Jimmy during the 1987 Great American Bash stop in Greensboro, North Carolina for Flair's NWA World Title. The stipulation was added that if Flair won the match, he would get a date with Precious. During the match, Jimmy attempted a leap frog at one point but landed on one knee instead of his feet. Pain in the knee was "sold" by him during the rest of the match. This match got so heated that a fan actually attempted to climb into the cage to help Garvin. The fan was apprehended just at the moment he was about to get in. Flair ended up winning the match when he put Jimmy in the figure four leglock, Jimmy blacked out from the pain in his knee and his shoulders hit the mat for a count of three. Ron Garvin then entered the cage when the match was over and attacked Flair in order to defend Jimmy from further damage to his knee. When the date with Precious that Flair won occurred, Flair and James J. Dillon ended up being punched out by Ron Garvin, who was dressed in his "Miss Atlanta Lively" outfit.

In 1988, Garvin had a feud with Kevin Sullivan and his Varsity Club. This one was over Precious too but it was never made clear why Sullivan wanted her. He made references to her calling her "Patty" instead of Precious, possibly referring to the past somehow. Sullivan would stalk her and taunt her with papers in his robe, but they never revealed anything. Jimmy had some memorable matches during this feud including challenging Varsity Club member Mike Rotundo for the NWA World TV Title at the first Clash of the Champions event during March of that year. Rotundo pinned Jimmy to retain the title.

During the 1988 Great American Bash in Baltimore, Maryland held in July, Jimmy and Sullivan each captained 5 men teams opposing each other in the first ever "Tower of Doom" match. This match was actually a copied idea from World Class Championship Wrestling based out of Texas who held a similar match a short while before this. It involved three cages stacked up on top of each other. A member of each team would start out climbing a ladder and facing off in the top cage. Every few minutes, new members from each team would enter the top cage in a similar fashion. Every so often, the doors between the cages would open for ten seconds allowing wrestlers to slip through to the next level. Jimmy's teammates consisted of Ron Garvin, Steve Williams, and the Road Warriors. They were victorious over Sullivan's team but the feud between Jimmy and Sullivan was not quite yet over.

In September 1988, Garvin left to sell a broken leg that he had gotten from Sullivan and Mike Rotunda. On an edition of World Championship Wrestling from the TBS studios, Sullivan broke cement blocks over Jimmy's leg. Jim Ross commentating at the time yelled out "He's breaking blocks all over his leg! Jesus!"

Garvin returned to WCW in June 1989 minus Precious and became the newest member of the Fabulous Freebirds by winning the World Tag Team Titles with Michael Hayes at Clash of Champions VII. The titles were won as part of a tournament for them that had been ongoing. That night, Hayes and Garvin scored victories over the Dynamic Dudes in the semifinals and the Midnight Express (Bobby Eaton & Stan Lane) in the finals. They feuded with the Midnight Express some more following that, as well as Rick & Scott Steiner. Garvin had worked in the past with Hayes, Buddy Roberts and Terry Gordy during the height of the Freebird-Von Erichs feud in World Class, and was always considered "The fourth Freebird".

In 1991 under the new company name of WCW, the Freebirds added a masked Freebird, Badstreet, and they feuded with the "Southern Boys" (Steve Armstrong & Tracy Smothers). They also added two managers, Big Daddy Dink & Diamond Dallas Page. By 1992, Badstreet and their managers were gone and the Freebirds had no direction. They briefly added Precious as their manager but she only made one appearance.

They had some minor feuds and then Garvin left WCW in 1993 and went to the Global Wrestling Federation, where he reformed the Freebirds with Terry Gordy and Hayes. He won the Tag Team Titles with Gordy in 1994 and retired. Garvin made one final appearance in 1994 at Superbrawl IV in place of the "injured" Michael Hayes in a losing effort to Hayes' scheduled opponent Johnny B. Badd.

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